Below is a timeline of events that backdrop Blood Raven and the alternate Earth he lives on.


September 8, 1899 - James Roberts is born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


April 11, 1904 - James Roberts learns to fly, is the first superior human.

April 18, 1904 - The American Government kidnaps James Roberts in order to study him.

August 19, 1904 - Eric "Kindle" Mason is born

September 10, 1904 - Herald "Brick" Jacobs is born


Summer - Experimentation on the first SH (Superior Human), cataloging of other SH's


January 8, 1906 - The United States of America enacts the Silent Field Initiative, Great Britain also begins looking and cataloging the SH living within.

February 2, 1906- James Roberts develops super human strength (X4 - able to lift over 800lbs).

March 11, 1906 - Silent Field Initiative goes global, United States begins "hoarding" SH people.

October 31, 1906 - The United States governemnt goes "dark" about the SH situation, Camp Adam is made.


Fall - Fredrick Niedleheim III of Germany develops super human strength as a fully grown adult removing the pre-concieved notions of growing SH people.

December 1907 - German police discover Frerick has artificially created his powers and requires a serum to maintain it. His lab is shut down.


January 1908 - Special Agent James McKinna infultrates Fredrick Niedleheim's lab and steals the plans after a shootout with a Russian spy.


January 18, 1910 - A research team in the United States successfully recreates Fredrick's Serum and use it on the existing SH's they have. It is theorized that over 1000 SH's are born this year alone.

May 11, 1910 - Fredrick Niedleheim is publicly hanged. The last of hanging in the Western World.


Spring 1911 - Tensions rise between Germany and Austria Hungary, especially over Fredrick Niedleheim's serum and its missng plans. Prussia demands an explenation, as does Great Britain, France and Italy.

Fall 1911 - A young James Roberts dies after experimentation gone wrong, Kindle and Brick prove successful in advanced aging and look the age of thirteen instead of Seven.


Summer 1912 - Growing Tensions between Germany and Austria Hungary peak. Germany admits to having over 500 SH's using Niedleheim's Serum which they had copied. They also argue that a Russian Spy was found. Prussia (alone) threatens actions against Germany.


April 4, 1913 - Austria Hungary begins the invasion of Germany

April 18, 1913 - Germany successfully repels Austria Hungary and begins invading

May 13, 1913 - Eastern Europe begins worrying about war. France begins supporting Austria Hungary, while Italy supports Germany.

June 8, 1913 - Italy successfully destroys a convoy of troops heading into west Germany by France. Great Britain begins stockpiling weapons

July 7, 1913 - The United States begins stockpiling weapons after a famous speech by President Woodrow Wilson. In it he states that The USA cannot be threatened and will help its allies.

August 9, 1913 - Germany successfully takes over Austria Hungary and maintains its homeland defence.

August 11, 1913 - Russia moves its troops to the western bank.

September 9, 1913 - Peace talks between Germany and France begin, Russia signs a non-aggression pact with Germany. Turkey chooses to side with Germany and defends from Ottoman Invasion in the South.