The central charecter in the Raven Series, Raven is the biological son of Adam Pierce, The Atom Man. He was created using the DNA of Adam Pierce and input into a special type of woman carrying the Z Chromesome. This allowed him to be born with all the powers. Genecorp has since created other heroes but never have they duplicated what happened to Raven or subject 111 as they know him as.

Early LifeEdit

Raven was born in the lab as subject 111 on January 14, 2002. His mother, Rebeccah Liens who was also trapped in the lab, named her son Raven at the age of 8, when he asked her. She chose the name Raven because outside her window was the bird lab and the Ravens always stared at her. It was also because of his jet black hair.

Growing up wasnt easy for Raven, constant testings and trials to test his abilities. He always knew he had power but they didnt really begin developing until he was 13 and started puberty. Unlike his father, Adam, he gained his mothers powers of Electricity at an early age. When he learned to control it better he used it in combination with other things. At the age of 17, he escaped and began fighting back.

Early CareerEdit

Concidering the summer he escaped until christmas as Year 1, Raven developed a relationship with Sarah Whitcker, a computer hacker on the run from the law in Los Angeles. The two caught a ship and fled to Pacifica city, where due to an accident, Sarah was crippled. She was clearly good with electronics, being able to repair old ones and manipulate them. She also seemed well trained to reverse engineer almost anything and learn to make better items, faster than most corporations. Her and Raven began squatting in an old apartment building for the remainder of the year as Sarah began coping with her handicap.


Raven works with several others to stop as much of the injustice as possible in Pacifica city. He believes that if they are above the law, they are not above him. Raven also has learned new abilities outlined below.

Powers (timeline)Edit

  • 2015 (Age 13) - Developed absorption of electrical currents (like a battery).
  • 2017 (Age 15) - Able to discharge stored electricity into a controlled bolt (singular) of a metalic nature.
  • 2019 (Age 17) - Able to control both absorption and discharge as well as understand how much energy he puts out.
  • 2020 (Age 18) - Able to control static electricity to harmlessly stick to objects or maintain cohesion.
  • 2021 (Age 19) - Able to use static electricity to move small objects through the air.
  • 2028 (Age 26) - Able to maintain flight by riding the static electricity in the air.
  • Fall 2028 (Age 26) - Peak of abilities, mastered all of the above with manipulation available.


While the genetic versions of Raven are not his siblings, they also do not label Adam Pierce as their father, they are biologically similar to Raven.

  • Rabeccah Liens (Mother) - Unknown wearabouts since Ravens breakout.
  • Adam Pierce (Father/DNA host) - Unknowing to his only son, Adam died in 2018 at the age of 54.