The central character in this universe, Jackie has seen and done more than anyone in Kyro. Jackie took over from Mr. Fairmount in July of 2010 after being named successor. He also is the weilder of Velvet Rose. He is also one of the few people to visit multiple worlds. He is most famous for, within Kyro, for establishing a trade system with Sephana and Unaria.


Early Life and ChildhoodEdit

Born from an act of rape, Jackie strived to be the best. He was raised as an only child by a spanish mother who adored him and worked hard for him. At the age of 13, Jackie started running errands for an italian crime family. They took pity on him and gave him money for his work. He took advantage of this and began to self learn until he had enough money to go to school. Unfortunately for Jackie, his mother became Ill when he was 16, forcing him to drop out of school and work. He entered into the crime family working to assist wheelmen and wise guys as best he could due to rising medical costs for his mother. At the age of 18, his mother died and Jackie set into a downward spiral becoming an assassin for the family.

Kyro, the early yearsEdit

As Jackie's talents for being a hitman grew, he attracted the attention of a famous mob hitman, Enzo Poverelli. As he took jackie under his wing, he taught him many things and gave him two Colt 1911's as souvenirs. Jackie relished the weapons and used them to execute a rival crime families head of house. At the age of 23, Jackie was approached by Mr. F and several agents of Kyro including Ian Falcone, the one who scouted him. That night he declined the offer to join and went about his night with a young lady. The next day, Enzo asked to meet Jackie at the 59th street diner where he had laid a trap to kill Jackie as he was a growing concern as an established hitman with no ties to the family. Ian came in and rescued him before the ambush and they escaped together. After a vicious chase through the streets of New York, Jackie killed Enzo and decidedly joined Kyro.

Jackie spent his first six months training with several members of Kyro in seclusion to fine tune his skills and in the summer of 2002, he became a full member of Kyro as an agent. Mr. Fairmount emediately took a liking to Jackie as an agent and partnered him with their top agent, Ian Falcone. Jackie spent the next six months learning about the Demonous, The corporations that stalked Kyro, and the "Ultimate Power".

The Syx ChroniclesEdit

(See Also: The Syx Chronicles)

Jackie was in response to a distress call from one of Zencorp's top scientists and Genetic Engineers responsible for the REDs. In response Jackie rescued not only the scientist, Dr. Zink, but also several high level REDs who where defecting from the company. Their second in comand, Syx, was leading the attack and faced Jackie only to beat him severely. Through the hailstorm of gunfire and melee combat, they all escaped and questioned the good Dr.

For the next two years, Jackie would really fight the REDs and Zencorp with the help of the newly formed Suicide Squad. It was also at this time that the New York base was destroyed over the waterfront and they took possession of the Boston office. Jackie would use the Nanite Enhancements to gain the abilities needed to fight off the oppossing forces and be able to face Syx directly. Ahab rescued Jackie from an attacking force of PSYcho and Syx at the cost of his own life. In 2005 Zencorp was under attack by the Demonous in a betrayal and Syx led the REDs away from the fight. This lead to the death of Mr. McMillan and many of the board of directors in what the press simply called a "Terrorist Attack". Jackie met Sarah McMillan at this time and rescued her from what was certain doom. PSYcho was thought destroyed here.

In late 2005 Jackie learned of a large black cube that landed in the Netherlands with no answer as to why it was there. He also met face to face with the Angelous for the first time and learned of the war on their world. PSYcho returned and led the leader of the Suicide Squad away, luring him into a fight at the cube during a severe snow storm. Here he also met with Syx and fought him to the bitter end. Jackie spent another three months without knowing of the fights, studying the cube and what it does. Syx led an assault on Kyro's Roman office, destroying the Left Wing office.