(See Also: Raven Pierce)

This series is set on the Alternate Earth with the events that followed The Super Human Age. It takes place starting around summer 2020 in a fictional city known as Pacifica city. This city was built out in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the United States of America. It is east from Hawaii and is visible from Washington's coastline and Vancouver, Canada.

The story focusses around a young man with great power known as Raven Pierce, living in Pacifica City. He is concidered the experimental son of the great Adam Pierce (AKA Atom Man). He was born in a research lab owned by GeneCorp. Ltd., the central villianous corporation who strive with several others to take over the worlds most powerful city, Pacifica City. They are rivaled by an excentric Trilionaire, George Clammens II, (who moves into the city early on) and a Mafia family, The Itzano's, led by Enzo Itzano. There is also interference from other, smaller companies, an insane cult of Technologies (known as the Technoids), and the Mayor herself (Cynthia Cowdry).

The Series starts with Year 1, taking place with Raven's first year outside GeneCorp. He begins learning his initial powers and meets Sarah Witcker, a handicapped tech geek who aids Raven in his quests. Year 1 ends on January 1, 2021 and is summed up in only a few comics.